about me

Polyxeni Angelidou studied architecture and dance in Greece. Since 2012 she has based herself in Berlin where she works as a choreographer, performer, dance and Pilates teacher. With a scholarship from the Scholarships’ Institution (IKY), Greece, Polyxeni undertook a Masters of Choreography the Inter-University Center for Dance (HZT-Berlin).

In recent years Polyxeni has focused on creating her own pieces [Co- , LANDing, Cut and Pasted, U, Nylon3] and alongside a number of creative collaborations and projects. Taking an interdisciplinary approach she is inspired to work not only in formal theatrical spaces but to also engage site-specific installations and interventions and video. People who live in urban context, the structures and conflicts that emerge from that environment and the way that they affect humans individually, socially, physically or virtually, comprise subjects of investigation in Polyxeni’s practice.

She has collaborated with the set designers Shahrzad Rahmani and Cecilia Tselepidi for the walk-in installation Paper-traced(2014) that was created for Bauhaus Tanzen in Dessau. As a choreographer she has collaborated the theater director Christopher–Fares Köhler for Finnisch(2015) at Theaterdiscounter-Berlin and Deportation Cast(2016) at the State Theater of Oberhausen.

Since 2017 Polyxeni works as a choreographer and assistant director for the community theater group Kanaltheater in Eberswalde which is supported by the Bürgerstiftung Barnim and runs under the artistic direction of Heike Scharpff and Katja Kettner.

Together with the set designer Cristina Lelli she received the Nachwuchsförderung from Goethe Institut for a tour of the piece LANDing in Abruzzo – Italy in July 2015.

Together with Sofia Karagiorgou Polyxeni co-choreographed the dance piece The Glory of Decay which was presented throughout 2019 in Berlin, Thessaloniki, Eberswalde and Hildesheim.