Eine site-spezifische Tanzperformance zum Thema “Wut”Teil der Serie “Chimären und Krawall-performative Zornesübungen”von Kanaltheater Eberswalde Das Herz rast. Ein Schwindel erfasst uns. Unsere Körper revoltieren.Reine Emotion. Herz vor Verstand. Körper vor Sprache. Unsere Wut bricht sich Bahn. Unser Zorn ein Rausch. Es lodert, brennt, es treibt. Es explodiert, schlängelt sich durch, fällt in sich zusammen, versinkt, […]

Co- is a laboratory on human interaction. We try to see what is not seen from the outside. We try to investigate the invisible bonds that interconnect people with each other in terms of timing, coincidence, action, reaction and affect. Coincidence, connection, cooperation, competition, conflict, collaboration, consolidation, coalition, composition, company, coagulation, combination, coherence, cognition, confederation, […]

LANDing begins with the circular running of a person that is in an unstable mental and physical condition. The set is composed by hanging pairs of ice and plaster blocks that counter-balance each other. The plaster blocks represent the stable structures of a sociocultural environment while the ice blocks, depending on the conditions that they […]

The own home is closely connected to the habitus of a person. The personality and the behaviour of a person find material expression in the form of the self-created living space. Memories and experiences establish a connection to the space and its characteristics. In One/shell the focus lays on the relationship of the person to […]

Establishing their own chronology, two bodies set in binary opposition disrupt and transgress the laws of time. In this heterotopic landscape symbols and fictions of Western Culture succumb to the will of nature. Places, icons, systems of power and knowledge, and reflections of the contemporary status quo are violently invaded by external forces. Here stable […]