LANDing (2015)

LANDing begins with the circular running of a person that is in an unstable mental and physical condition. The set is composed by hanging pairs of ice and plaster blocks that counter-balance each other. The plaster blocks represent the stable structures of a sociocultural environment while the ice blocks, depending on the conditions that they are exposed, are changing by becoming liquid. They depict the ephemerality and the transformability of a human being that moves forward in order to redefine itself within a multi-demanding contemporary lifestyle.

Through her abrupt and unfinished movements, the performer embodies confusion. She attempts to find a physical and mental balance between the personal needs and the technological and global nomadism that displaced the body into immaterial locations. The circular structure of the performance points out the urgency and the need of a departure without a certain destination. It is a necessity that is caused by the combination of lack of local resources and the apparent abundance of offered options. The moment of stillness happens only in the form of falling. The person comes in contact with the ground, explores and senses it with the whole potential of the body in order to rediscover its textures and its cultural inheritance.

The wish of adaptation to the speed and efficiency of the digital synapses, pushes the human limits. There is a constant effort to reach a target that is changing and in the same time shifting further away. The individuum is experiencing disorientation, a kind of schism between different poles. On the one hand, the will of stepping forward free form physical and cultural ballasts. On the other hand, the continuous renegotiation with the environment that the person occupies, the conflicts between the past and the present, the fermentation between of the existing conditions through a personal perspective. Even if it has only with a transitive place to do, there is always the attempt to avoid the sterile impact.

Text by Martina Lolli, curator of Accesa! IV – Arte Illuminata, freely translated into english by Polyxeni Angelidou

Choreography + Performance: Polyxeni Angelidou
Licht – Bühne : Cristina Lelli
Sound: Yunpei Wu
duration: 20min

Presented in Tanzwoche Dresden (work in progress-Apr.’14), BAT Studiotheater Berlin(Nov.’14), Ackerstadt Palast – Tapioca Touch(Nov.14), Unfinished Fridays- Lake Studios Beriln(Jan.’15), Greek Choreographers’ Festival in Athens (May’15)
Italian mini Tour in Abruzzo – July 2015: in Museolaboratorio in Cittá San Angelo and in Palazzo Parisi in Monteprandone – opening event for the exhibition Accesa! IV- Arte Illuminata.

2014 photos in Ackerstadt Palast@Cristina Lelli