one / shell (2020)

The own home is closely connected to the habitus of a person. The personality and the behaviour of a person find material expression in the form of the self-created living space. Memories and experiences establish a connection to the space and its characteristics.

In One/shell the focus lays on the relationship of the person to his or her own living environment. A landscape of white pillows, abstractly represents the private space and serves as an experimental field whose material properties influence movement and posture of the body and at the same time evoke an emotional state. The choreographer uses the personal lockdown experience as inspiration for the further development of the project.

Choreography + Performance: Polyxeni Angelidou
Costume: Nefeli Myrtidi
Sound: Emilia Badalá
Set(2013): Janja Valjarevic
Duration: ~30min

One/shell is a continuation of the project Cut and Pasted, which was created in 2013 as part of the MA Choreography and was supported by HZT-Berlin and IKY State Scholarship Foundation of Greece. Cut and Paster was presented in Uferstudios and BAT Studiotheater in Berlin in Autumn 2013.

One/Shell was presented in Ackerstadt Palast Berlin in October 2020, shortly before the 2nd lockdown.

Photos @Stefano Loiacono