I dreamt of the life-forms I can become after I die I (2019)

The exhibition Banana Mummy presents artist and architect Valentina Karga’s long term artistic research on the circulation of energy and matter amid escalated ecological urgencies. It narrates a certain Western pathology and dream of immortality—striving to differentiate from earthly cycles of matter and energy by escaping the limits of existence. As a starting point for this exhibition, Valentina Karga has chosen a banana, a presumably stock item of organic matter, and the myth that pyramidical form can preserve any living thing and thereby stop the process of decay.
The exhibition is a part of an ongoing exhibition collaboration between Photographic Gallery Hippolyte and Saari Residence run by the Kone Foundation. Valentina Karga stayed at the Saari Residence in winter 2017. Banana Mummy is co-curated by Jussi Koitela and Petronella Grönroos and produced by Petronella Grönroos for Photographic Gallery Hippolyte. Some of the artworks in the show are created in collaboration with illustrator Amina Bouajila, choreographer Polyxeni Angelidou, and sound artist HILDA T. Exhibition features in Hippolyte Studio designed by Paul Flanders.
more on: https://www.valentinakarga.com/banana-mummy/

2019, photos @Valentina Karga