Co- is a laboratory on human interaction. We try to see what is not seen from the outside. We try to investigate the invisible bonds that interconnect people with each other in terms of timing, coincidence, action, reaction and affect.

Coincidence, connection, cooperation, competition, conflict, collaboration, consolidation, coalition, composition, company, coagulation, combination, coherence, cognition, confederation, copulation, concentration, conversion, convention… Coexistence may happen, may fail, may be established or temporary, wished or undesirable. The parameters that define this complex balance of human interrelations subject to constant changes, redefinitions , variations and adaptations.

There is not only one point of view.

Choreography: Polyxeni Angelidou
Set and light design: Michaela Muchina
Costumes: Kunji Baerwald
Sound: Felipe Sanchez Luna

Performers: Andrea Krohn, Susane Eder, Mab Cardoso , Antonio Onio, Salvatore Siciliano, Klaus Bitto, Alexandra Bódi

Betreuer: Nik Haffner, external Mentor: Einav Katan

all photos@Anne-Mareike Hess, 2014, Uferstudios Berlin